Is there any way to share same queue with same agents between multiple servers in a multiple server Asterisk

Hi Guys,

I have a multiserver architecture of Asterisk with Kamailio with 8 " * " boxes. I want to implement asterisk Queues in my setup so that:

if a caller is connected to agent1 on server1 and another caller calls on server2 but he should not connect with agent1.

if all agents are busy calller3 calls on server1, and after sometime another caller4 calls on server2 both must be in the waiting list

when agent2 on server2 gets free calller3 must be connected with agent2 not caller4 .

Can the above mentioned scenario be fulfilled with asterisk?

The app_queue application in Asterisk is not written to be multiserver or be aware of that. Other users have implemented their own queueing application using such as things as ARI or a combination of AGI and AMI to fulfill that need. As in that case the queueing application is external, it can understand multiple servers and connect things accordingly.