Sending SMS Voicemail Notifications


I wonder if anybody would be able to advise me on sending SMS messages to mobile phones?

I have two methods in mind:-

1 HTTP requests sent to (preferable)
2 SMTP messages sent to

I would like to receive an SMS message on my mobile phone when I have a voicemail. I am guessing that if this is at all possible the easiest way would be to fire an e-mail to, although I haven’t worked out how yet. But I’d be very interested to see if I can send an HTTP request to as it would be slightly cheaper and I already use this company for all outgoing telephone calls with great success.

Any comments from people that have experience in this field would be gratefully appreciated.

I’m not too technically minded though!!!

If it is important, I am running Asterisk 1.2.18 on Mac OS 10.3 Server.

Many thanks.


Chris -

We offer email2SMS and http2SMS functionality at 6cents a message and it’s easy to use. Example, emailing will result in an SMS straight to your phone. Clickatell is slightly cheaper but they’re not that reliable here in the US because of all the shortcode governing.

Anyway, our prices and features are on our site: Oh, and our system runs compleltely on Asterisk.


I’m using this:

exten=>s,n,System(/usr/bin/curl -s "http://localhost/sms/sms.php?number=${ARG1}&msg=At%20${ARG3}%20${ARG2}%20called.")

exten=>1205,n,GotoIf($[${DIALSTATUS} = BUSY]?busy)

Thank you henkoegema,

Your post has been very useful. With my limited knowledge of Asterisk I understand that your macro allows sending of SMS using HTTP via the Unix Curl command when a call goes unanswered. That’s brilliant! Just what I need for my SMS/Call provider.

I’m going to try and have a look at voicemail.conf to see if I can get an SMS to trigger only when I have a new message, but failing that, I’m very happy that I can receive a message just when the call is unanswered.

Thank you once again.


Hi Chrisp,

My company provides a plugin for asterisk, that allows access to our SMS gateway.

The plugin is free, but naturally the sending of SMS is not.

Our gateway provides coverage to most of the mobile networks worldwide.

Any have a look at our website and see if its of any use for you. You can download the plugin from there, and there are also dialplan examples.

Best Regards

Asterix resellers how have a way of adding SMS functionality.

Using Multi-Tech’s Cellular modems, text messages can be sent directly from an Asterix PBX.

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