General Asterisk and SMS

Hey Guys,

I’ve searched through the forum and have found a little bit of informaiton about Asterisk and SMS, but I was wondering if you could answer a couple of more general level questions I’m having.

First, I understand there is a difference between GSM SMS and Landline SMS. Are the two protocols compatible? Aka, can I send an SMS message from my cellphone to my SIP number and have Asterisk capture that (maybe turn it into an email or even send it down to my VoIP phone)?

Likewise, is there a way to send an SMS from either a web interface or from my VoIP phone and have that end up at my cellphone? Is this kind of behavior possible? What kind of hardware and software would I need for this?

Thanks a lot!


Asterix resellers how have a way of adding SMS functionality.

Using Multi-Tech’s Cellular modems text messages can be send directly from an Asterix PBX.

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By tagging a simple script to the end of your voice mail routine in Asterisk you can open a connection to the Multi-Tech MTCBA-G-EN and send a voice mail notification to a specific GSM user asking them to call their Asterisk PBX voice Mail retrieval number.

Using a simple script you can have a Asterisk PBX send text alerts, such as “Wan Link Downâ€