HowTo: SMTP to SMS (using GSM gateway)?

I have an Asterisk server with multiple GSM and PSTN gateways.

I want to be able to receive an email on the Asterisk server and have that email broadcast to the first available GSM gateway registered with the server.

For example, an email to would have the first 160 characters of the body (with any HTML stripped away) sent to mobile number 1234567890.

Through my searching (here, FreePBX and Google) I have read dozens of threads on SMS with Asterisk, but the closest match I’ve found was this one…

Unfortunately, it is not what I want.

Thanks in advance!

This isn’t really an Asterisk question. You’d need to write something external to do all of this and how it works with your GSM gateway is an implementation detail of the GSM gateway itself.

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Thanks, but the response is not really helpful. Allow me to rephrase the question…

I know there are companies (most cellular providers as well as 3rd parties) who provide SMTP-to-SMS services?

Does anyone know of users who are doing this for themselves? Is anyone doing this with Asterisk/FreePBX/Elastix? What hardware are they using? What apps (custom or commercial) do they have?

Thanks in advance!

Although I haven’t done this in anger, anyone doing this in a serious way would not use any form of PABX. They would have an SMS submission account with a network operator and submit with a specialist protocol.

NB. In some countries, like the UK, doing this using a GSM air interface gateway for third party originate traffic, would be a breach of the network operator’s terms of service and/or government licensing, as it is a misuse of valuable radio spectrum.