How Do I Send Mass SMS?

Hi Guys,

Now before I post my question below, I’ll apologies if I sound like an absolute newbie or if I ask you obvious questions to you (which might be not so obvious to myself).

I am looking to provide an SMS broadcasting platform for some of my contacts and for our own subscriber list use.

I have looking into buying a SIM Rack and my colleague has advised me that the following route is the solution to structure our SMS Send and Receive Facility (Please See Below). Please note I have drawn the below to my understanding, but if anyone could clarify the actual setup I would be greatly appreciative.

SIM Cards > SIM Rack > Computer > ISP Connection > Our VPS > SMS Software Installed On Our Server> Upload Our List > Send

Again sorry if I made myself look silly by the above as I am knowledgeable to a certain degree but a newbie in comparison to some of you very capable folk.

Can someone tell me if this is correct and/or what SMS Software I will need to install either onto my desktop or server?

I am looking to having this hosted via my own server etc. So please do not post advising me to go to company X for this service.

Thank you so much for your attention

What does this have to do with Asterisk.

I was advised to send the SMS through Asterisk once installed on my server?

No, this is definitly not a good idea.

Use an external SMS service (usually accessible via some sort of API, sometimes just via sending a HTTP request) or a dedicated SMS gateway. When you find this, just use a Bash script to take care of SMS sending.