Sending SMS from Asterisk server to mobile

Hello there.
please guide me , how i can Send SMS from Asterisk server to any mobile.
I spend lot of time with SMS(),kannel but not success.

i am using voip gsm gateway for dialing from asterisk, going ok. and same device i want to use for sending sms purpose.
my extension.conf is
exten => 9040,1,AGI(agi://
exten => 9040,2,Dial(${ABC9}/${EXTEN:4},tTor)
exten => 9040,3,Hangup.
little example of my file. all is going ok for dialing.

Please tell me how i can integrate this for sending sms from my mobile sim.
i am using ata 211g from matrix for this purpose.

If you are using kannel you just need to send url with curl function . take a look at

omid.mohajerani is right if you are using kannel you have two methods for doing this. One is to bind with the SMSC of some mobile provider. This is really fast sms sending method and you can send many sms messages per second. Socond method, as you said you have sim, is to configure your cellphone as modem with kannel and use AT commands to send sms messages. This is slow method and works same as you send sms from your cell phone. Have a look at … ml#AEN2228 for second method.

Did u get that work? am also looking for the same solution.