Asterisk and GSM (Global System for Mobile communication)

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Anyone try to setup Asterisk with GSM that could send/receive SMS to Mobile Phone and vice versa?

Sending SMS is through Prepaid account from SMSC or GSM provider, is it possible?

do you have the links or the url for the guru?
what cell phone or GSM gadget can be used?


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has anyone have the idea please?

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Asterisk has a built in SMS system which communicates directly with an SMS service center using FSK tones. Using the application SMSq you can dial the service center and transmit the message.


also the above site is a great resource, it will answer 90% of the questions you may have faster than we will :smiley:

ok il see it myself thank you very much i really mean it:)


could you recomend GSM module that is at least capable of one SIM that can be used to send SMS to mobile phone from Asterisk and vice versa
i found out MV-370 but i dont have any idea if is able to send SMS from Asterisk as what i need, are you familiar with this MV-370?

There are a number of GSM gateways, probably including the product you mentioned. AFAIK, asterisk can’t deal directly with them to do SMS. your best bet might be to build a separate application that handles SMS and reports to * via manager interface…

asterisk seems more designed for SMS over landlines using short FSK calls

yep i very much willing to design a separate application just to meet my need.

here’s my plan please tell me someting to make it better

Asterisk<—LAN-or-USB-or Bluetooth—>GSM module/cell phone<—GSM network—>Mobile phones

as you can see i have three main components namely 1.Asterisk box connected to 2.GSM module or cell phone with Prepaid SIM and 3.Mobile phones.
the Asterisk box will send SMS to Mobile phones through GSM module/cell phone.

Now, how can i control this GSM module/cell phone so everytime i want to send/receive SMS to/from any Mobile phones i just send/get it to/from the chanel where GSM module/cell phone is connected and the GSM module/cell phone will send or forward/receive that SMS to/from particular Mobile phone.

any add on? how about that manager interface how can i integrate that?
if i will build appilcation that control the GSM module/cell phone and everytime i want to send/receive sms i can just call it in my Dial Plan thru AGI, can i use PHP or any best language?


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the gnokii program can send sms from commandline. Although its name implies nokia hardware, I think it works with different modem too


can i use this with asterisk?

Have you considered the GSM gateways from They have several GSM terminals that do RS-232 messaging and other SMS software. I have not personally tried it, but you might want to contact them and see if their products fit. Just a though. :smile:

i have seen there products in regards with sms but it doesnt fit my need
as i only need one slot for one GSM prepaid SIM card

Habe you tried Bayham SMSC?

yep and they are fine.

But i like to have my on SMS Gateway and its like this…

internet<---->Asterisk<---->SMS Gateway<–| |—>Mobile phones

The SMS Gateway is manageable from Asterisk(DIal Plan)
if i want to send SMS to Mobile phone i have to send it through SMS Gateway
(which is connected to my Asterisk through LAN or FXO-FXS or FXS-FXO) and the SMS gateway will forward the SMS to Mobile phone(destination) which i have stated in my Dial plan.
sending and receiving is vice versa.

Is there a way for me?


The SMSC may have provided some API to interact with their gateway.

Usually they support many programming languages.

Why don’t you write an agi script that uses their API?

could you give me more details about that.

i have Shenou Wireless GSM acess it has 1 FXO and 1 FXS port, 1 SIM card slot and antenna and no other port. i can connect my Asterisk FXS to Shenou FXO.
now is there a way of API and AGI script for sending/receiving SMS from/to Assterisk through Shenou Wireles GSM access to/from mobille phones?

any idea for today?

think about it. unless there’s another interface you can use (USB/RS232), how are you going to get your text message to the device ?

ah so its seems its getting the message in the GSM gateway through LAN of FXS/FXO where it is connected and into * box is not yet psossible but must be
in USB/RS232