Sending SMS from Asterisk server to mobile

Hello there.
please guide me , how i can Send SMS from Asterisk server to any mobile.
I spend time with SMS(),kannel but not success.

i am using voip gsm gateway for dialing from asterisk, going ok. and same device i want to use for sending sms purpose.
my extension.conf is
exten => 9040,1,AGI(agi://
exten => 9040,2,Dial(${ISHA9}/${EXTEN:4},tTor)
exten => 9040,3,Hangup.
little example of my file. all is going ok for dialing.

Please tell me how i can integrate this for sending sms.
i am using ata 211g from matrix for this purpose.

Thanks for response.
I tried with kannel, but still not resolved.
Can you send some example files to go forward.
Thanks in advance.