Sending messages to an IP Phone display

I am considering an application (dialplan?) that needs to write interactive messages for workflow to the display on the phone. This would be text that is content, not menu selections. Kind of a Call Center app without the screen pops.

Is there a pattern already in Asterisk for this kind of interactive text display?

Do the IP Phones have well-known functions that accept text for display?

Or do you have to have a volume OEM agreement with a phone manufacturer before they take an interest in showing you that part of their support knowledgebase?

I like the WiFi phones like the F100G and maybe better is the Linksys portable IP Phone which seems to have a web-type display.

Anybody know?


If you are talking about sending a text to the phone then yes asterisk has a command called sendtext. For more information please look here: … d+SendText

Hey thanks!

Ok, I read that mostly.

The explanation seems to support my concern that the documentation from the phone manufacturer is absolutely essential.

Anyone know how you go about finding out that kind of information? Is it secret for just OEM’s?


It is not clear what you want to do. If the objective is to write text to the phones display while the phone is idle, then the F1000G can clearly do what you need - the text that you want to send would go as Caller ID and the Asterisk would send an Invite to the phone with the text that you want on the display. The sending number can also trigger the phone to vibrate or to play a distinctive ring (or vibration).

If you want the text to go to the display while a call is in progress, the same approach could work - though the whole thing would probably need a headset to avoid being annoying - since the display is next to your ear while the phone is in normal use.

Ah, yes… the phone is by the ear.

That would be important!

But how did you find out about the other facts?

Trial and error? or is there some kind of documentation somewhere?



I have an F1000 and F3000 phone. Calling phone to phone on the same VoIP service (I usually use Stanaphone) results in what the sending phone has in its “Personal Information” field show up as Caller ID text on the receiving phone. If that works phone to phone, then I expect that the same would work from Asterisk to phone - it is the same field.

I don’t know if you would call that “trial and error” - more like seeing what shows up on calls and finding where it came from.