Presenting CallSign to Phone

Does anyone know if it is possible to use sendtext or some other method to notify the recipient of the number that has been dialed. I.e i want to use Asterisk to perform a bussiness minding and call screening service, but the receptionists need to know what the dialed number was, is there an easy way to do this? Has it been done already?

Straight away im into problems as i’m running into problems as i’m using i2004 phones which do not really support SIP and require a channel driver. If its not possible at present with the limited support for these phones is there another phone or soft client that this could be done with, possibly even in a round about way by using Jabber or Messenger to display on their screens the number the caller dialed.

any update on this? i’m trying to do basically the same thing and i think many users want to too, but there’s just no documentation regarding it or community support. what’s the deal?

~ MiJaMu