SendText function over SIP to Polycoms

Has anyone used the SendText function? I have Polycom 501 hardphones and need to broadcast a “text reminder” to all the phones connected to my PBX once daily. Any experiences/suggestions?

The SendText function in Asterisk only works when you dial a number and part of that call uses SendText. It can’t be done without someone initiating a call from the phone. The real problem with messaging on the Polycom phones is that once you send the message it doesn’t actually stay on the display. It goes into an instant messaging area and the message waiting light blinks quickly to show you there’s something there. The user then needs to go into the InstMsg area and check the message. In other words, it kinda sucks. I’m hoping Polycom will allow us to change the message to keep incoming messages on the screen. As of the last SIP firmware I didn’t see any way to do that.