Api to send text message to set

Im looking for help in sending a simple push text message to a aastra 9133i & 480i sets ver 1.4 from the server asterisk 1.4.2

eg dial *60 turns DND on on the server calls go to Vmail. Users forgets the feature code is on because there is no lamp or message on set
I would like to push text to set when dial *60 DND ON appears on the set would also need to delet message with same *60 dialer

I have other feature dial codes I would like to do the same thing for

If anyone can help me :unamused:

Print the codes out and stick the printouts next to the phone if you can.


Not sure if your phones support the SIP MESSAGE packet.

The functionality wanted (I’m presuming) is to scroll through a list of commands ‘ticking’ or accepting somehow by a digit press - or perhaps just for information sake - e.g. DND is *60.

Each scroll will change the display to set the text - problem is, to do this you’d have to create a new call - which will be a couple of keystrokes anyway. If the menu item is 6 along, that’s a lot of key strokes to remember the DND command.

So I think a print out is quicker and more user friendly.

Still, if you can get it to work, great!

Siemens phones (and others i guess) have this functionality with scroll keys and tick buttons.

I don’t actually think that’s what the OP is looking for. He already has codes to do things on the asterisk box.

i.e. *80 = DND

What he is looking for is a way for Asterisk to send a message back to the phone saying “You are currently DND” which will display on the LCD… and then update to “You are AVAILABLE” when they disabled DND.

You’re right - my bad. Apologies to all.
That would be a handy feature.

Good luck with it! Hope the phones support it.

This is off-topic, but can asterisk keep state of the device. I know we can put all this into extra ast db key value pairs, but what would be really handy is events from the manager API.

Here’s my gripe with smart handsets or extra functionality handsets.

  1. Doing a *80 is DTMF-like, the DND is kept in asterisk’s ast db (with freePBX). The phone system knows the state of the device, and can more quickly take the next action - OR better still, if the handset gets disconnected or moved, asterisk still knows.

  2. With smart handsets, asterisk doesn’t know a phone is on DND until a SIP 30X message comes back from the smart handset. If the phoen is disconnected, nobody is the wiser.