Send voice message to multiple email addresses

Hello, my dears,
I set up a mailbox. I want multiple email addresses to be notified when I leave a message.
Important! All email addresses should receive the message as a wav file.
That’s exactly what I can’t do.
Only the first email address gets the message as a wav file. The other email addresses are not notified that there is a message. Example text:

New 0:04 long  msg in box mailbox
from +49##########, on Tuesday, December 06, 2022 at 04:56:39 PM

Do you have a tip how I can do that?

root@dsme01:~# cat /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf

mailbox => ,Familie Harbich,,,,delete=no

Greetings from Stefan

You’d have to alias the mail address in your email system.

Why should I create an alias in the mail system? I would like to solve that in the configuration of Asterisk.

Asterisk is a toolkit. A quick google confirms that typical household toolkits don’t include a needle and thread, mop and bucket, pair of scissors, grind stone, …

See also Do One Thing and Do It Well — A Unix Philosophy | by Alan J Leonard | Medium and other sources on the Unix philosophy.

Okay, means that it doesn’t go in Asterisk. Thanks.

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