Distribution email of voicemail messages - 1 ext

It is possible to send the same email to several email addresses when a message is saved in a single voicemail? I was thinking of a delimited list within the voicemail.conf entries?



From the Wiki

E-mail to multiple addresses: Sometimes it’s quite handy to have a message go to multiple mailboxes but not so convenient to have to create additional entries in extensions.conf and voicemail.conf. This works great for “phone coverage” for when someone out of the office for a vacation. You can use the /etc/aliases or /etc/mail/aliases file to handle this through your MTA.
Example from voicemail.com: 1234 => 1234,Sample User,msmith,attach=yes
Example from /etc/mail/aliases: msmith: msmith@yourmail.com, msmith@othermail.com
Expanded examples of aliases within Sendmail feep.net/sendmail/tutorial/i … iases.html
From the How-to above, don’t forget to run the newaliases command after you’ve updated the aliases file.

Perfect. Thank you.