Send feature code to VoIP Provider


I have recently deployed AsteriskNow 32bit Version 3.0.0 with FreePBX for one of my customers. I have a particular feature code that is available by the customers VoIP Provider that my customer would like to use.

The feature code is *67 when dialed followed by a number the Provider will block the callers outbound CID for the duration of the call.

My problem is I don’t know how to tell Asterisk to send the *67 followed by the number to the provider.

Any help much appreciated.


Found the solution myself created a new outbound route and added the following to my dialplan


Passes *67 plus dialed number to customers provider. Nicely. And blocks customers outbound CID

This is a way to make FreePBX do it. For Asterisk, simply pre-pend the feature code, in front of the dialed number, in the Dial application call.