Unable to dial #21#

hello, I am using FreePBX and Asterisk 13.23.0 with pjsip outbound trunk, I did not find a way to dial out #21# (switch off the provider deviation service, switch on the service is made with *21NUMBER#)

I did not find an answer in the freepbx forum.

Leading hash sign seems to be eaten and does not make it through the trunk.

Using the freepbx interface, I tried multiple ways (dialing through custom feature code, etc.) and adding a custom dial plan in the trunk or outbound route (compose 21# and prepend #), etc. Nothing seems to work.

In contrast, dialing *21x.# through the trunk works well with setting up an outbound route dial plan (compose 21x.# and prepend *).

thx for any prospective tips

I imagine that the FreePBX configuration is eating at least the initial #. If you were using bare Asterisk, I would have suggested disabling (more accurately, not enabling) features in the Dial application call, but you probably cannot access that.


I can access asterisk configuration files and could change a bit by hand, I do that for some special services, but do not know what you are talking about (how to not enable features in the Dial application ?) (would that mean that all feature codes used internally would be disabled ?)

Only if you used the same DIal application call. Typically, a hand crafted configuration would use a different Dial application call external numbers, although they might still recognize features codes from the inside, so you might still need special handling for destinations that were intended to fully DTMF transparent.