Disable asterisk voicemail to use it from voip company


I have Asterisk 1.8 installed with FreePBX and it works flawless!

I would like to use my voip provider voice mail (Freephoneline.ca) instead of the asterisk voicemail. I access the voicemail from the DISA script, dialing *98 (my voip also uses *98 to access to voicemail).

Is it possible to disable the Asterisk voice mail so that when I dial *98 I get my the external voice mail access? I did some research but couldn’t find anything!


I think it is possible. Just assign a different featurecode for Asterisk VoiceMail and Asterisk should route number *98 to a VoIP provider (perhaps you will also need to modify the call routing tables).

But I am not too sure how to do that in FreePBX. This is a forum for users that write their own dialplans.

Thanks for your quick reply. I am going to modify the call rounting to allow 98 from the DISA, but I am not sure how to assign a different featurecode for Asterisk VoiceMail, any ideas? I did another research based on your response but haven’t found anything.

The FreePBX peer support forum is at freepbx.org/forums/freepbx/general-help and appears to be very active.