Outbound CID on asterisk

Hi guys,

i have a problem.

I’m my company we have a primary line with 60 channel i would like to assign to all extension a number(in the range of primary number we have)

i add on extension user page on freepbx the Outbound CID and the Inbound Route but when i make a external call the number i see is the default number of primary(example head number of primary 011800900 range 011800900-011800960)

i call my provider and he told me there are no problem to send the number

i only see the outbound CID when i make internal call

there is a way to test is with for example a call file?

thanks a lot

We can’t answer questions about configuring FreePBX here. Use http://community.freepbx.org/.

In Asterisk, you will need to arrange for the dialplan to transform the caller ID of the calling device into the full DID number.

You should first check whether your network provider will actually honour user provided caller ID, even though it is in the allocated number range.

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mine is not a freepbx request i only explain what i do and if is correct.

what i’m asking for is, if there are any what to test the outbound number with i file.call into asterisk

It is a FreePBX Request based on your first post:

If your provider allow to set the CID yes you can set it anywhere. If using callfiles route that to a local extension and thats it.