Segfault Error 11

My Asterisk installation has been restarting on it’s own every couple of days for about 3 weeks. I’ve been unable to find anything that was causing it until this morning.

I configured a couple of new extensions yesterday (through the Thirdlane UI, I’m x-posing there too). Any time one of those new extensions attempts to check voicemail the Asterisk daemon restarts.

This new extension is a two-digit extension, I don’t know if that will cause a problem, but this is the first two-digit extension I’ve configured, so that can’t be the whole problem.

I’ve tried following the instructions at The backtrace appears, at least to me, pretty useless. Here’s the tail end…

When I try to debug use gdb and debug Asterisk realtime, it’s almost like I lock up the process. I’m unable to make or receive calls and occasionally my phone has lost registration.

Any help is appreciated.

The important part of the backtrace is at the beginning. The procedure asks for more in case the problem is complex.

Support for 1.6.0.x has ceased, so you will need to move to at least 1.6.2.x to get official support.

Signal 11 IS segmentation fault.

gdb and the program cannot run at the same time. If you use simple breakpoints, that is not a problem, but if you try to single step or use conditional breakpoints/watchpoints, you can expect performance to collapse.

Are you sure that you built with DONT_OPTIMIZE and that you have not stripped the symbol tables from the executable and modules? You’ve either got major memory corruption or you are not using a debuggable build.