Frequent segfaults in pjsip timer lib

Hey all,

We have been running into a constant issue with Asterisk crashing due to segfaults thrown in the Pjsip library. Has anyone run into this issue? I have searched and found some older issues that were patched in prior releases but we are still experiencing this in 16.9 (also in 16.5). The segfaults always seem to happen when a node has 20 or more calls active.

We run a cluster of asterisk nodes behind Kamailio acting as a load balancer (all run on dedicated Ubuntu 18.04 servers in the cloud). Our setup in asterisk is pretty basic, we do minimal logic in the dialplan and pass control off to our Stasis app which manages it’s own queue/call control (we don’t use built in asterisk queues/voicemail). We use asterisk for call recordings. ARI to keep track of asterisk state & issue commands. Cpu/memory on a given asterisk node seem fine during these crashes.
We use realtime config and each node shares the same mysql db.

Here is a sample dump of thread1

Has anyone else run into this or could speculate on what could put asterisk into this condition?


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