Seeking Asterisk SMS Provider Suggestions


The more I look into this the more confused and frustrated I become. Yea, I have found a few that will work but I really don’t want to find out which one is the best by trial and error.

First my SMS Provider must work on most if not nearly all systems in North America.

Second it must be Internet based as a physical GSM Modem is out of the question; the signal would never get out of the data center anyway.

Third there must be a piece of software that integrates with the Asterisk Dialplan.

Fourth the price for “credits” must be right.

Fifth I can’t afford to be called in the middle of the night only to be told that my carrier went out of business 10 minutes ago and SMS no longer works on my systems.

If you have had a good experience with an Asterisk friendly SMS provider please let me know. If you have been burned by one I implore you to let me know.