Configuring SMS provider in asterisk

I am currently looking for help in configuring sms provider with asterisk so I can use asterisk’s SMS() application to send receive sms from my softphone. Searched google a lot and found material about using SMS application but no where was able to find out how to connect to SMSC of SMS provider. Also while sending SMS between two sip phones directly or from asterisk to sip phone using smsq simply sends a call and not sms.

Any guidance in the right path will be highly appreciated.


Hello Nasir

Check the following link, here you will get your answer:

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Thanks Ady,

I have already read it and tried to implement it but not successful. In my main post I already mentioned that when I try to send sms by following this link and smsq, simple call is sent but not sms.
Also I need to know how and where to configure SMS parameters from SMS provider.

It is likely that the SMS support in Asterisk will not do what you want. The SIP one is merely for passing MESSAGE requests back and forth. The smsq stuff is for landline based SMS.

Thanks jcolp. I basically want to connect sms provider like infobip or nexmo etc… with asterisk as mentioned in the SMS() docs so that I can send receive sms via asterisk using any softphone. Any possibility?

Not with what is built into Asterisk. You would need to implement something yourself.