Asterisk Features on GSM for SMS or MMS

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I am currently studying Asterisk and my goal is to send SMS or MMS World Wide with Asterisk. But I know I need to have a GSM modem or gateway in order for me to send or receive SMS/MMS.

My question is that if Asterisk has integrated with a GSM Gateway modem or dongle or maybe card, is it free of charge or will it be cost me depending on the rate of my sim card GSM provider? Like in the Philippines the rate is 1 peso per SMS. So will if I am to send 1000 sms per day so will it cost me 1000 pesos per day?

Another question is what would be the best, reliable and cheaper GSM Gateway I should acquire to setup my Asterisk?

Please help me and I am hoping to hear from anyone as soon as possible.

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Of course it will cost you.

If you are sending large numbers of SMS, the cheapest option is almost certainly going to be a direct, TCP, connection to the network operator’s SMS centre. The network operator may prefer this, to relieve the load on the air interface. Depending on your business model, they may require this, e.g., in the UK, fixed air interface terminals cannot be used to inject third party traffic into the cellular network.

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Another thing, I would like to know what exactly do I need in order to send SMS using Asterisk to smart phones or mobile phones World Wide? If I’ll be acquiring a Dahdi GSM Modem or Gateway card, I’m sure sim should be inserted into that GSM Modem or Gateway card, but do I need a phone like a VoIP phone as an FXS or FXO in order to do that or I don’t need it anymore because I already have Dahdi GSM Modem or Gateway card already installed on my system.

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Hi Peter,

In the redhat / centos EPEL repo, there is a package called smstools, we’ve successfully used this with a cheap huawei modem, while we don’t use it with asterisk, as it only requires txt files to be dropped in a directory, it should be pretty trivial to have asterisk write them.


Thank you so much Paul, I’ll take note on that.

Another thing I want to know is that, I am planning to use GSM Gateway cards to add GSM SMS functionality to my Asterisk. Which GSM Gateway cards do you think is best to use, is it Dahdi, Sangoma or Atcom?

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Can anyone give a help regarding GSM gateway can give my Asterisk PBX the feature not only to send SMS to smartphones and mobile phones World Wide but also to send MMS World Wide to smartphones and mobile phones.

Is there an existing Gateway Card or Modem for that? Because I want my Asterisk PBX to send image to mobile phones.

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