Second network card - can't connect

Hi learned people,

I’m new to AsteriskNow and have installed it on a machine that has two network cards for added security.

I did the below as a test to ensure both network card were ok. I connected to Eth0 and was able to get to the Freepbx interface, when i then connect eth1 i can’t get on it doesn’t ping.

Eth0 has been given one static IP
Eth1 has been given one static IP

I checked the network settings and both cards have been recognised and i was able to add static addresses.

What am i doing wrong ? Prior to this i let them except DHCP ip addresses and eth1 wasn’t accepting the ip…but eth0 was- I am buying another second network card which is the same as the working one, but i suspect that eth1 maybe disabled or something as it is recognised by the os and was working prior to installation of asteriskNow.

Help and advice appreciated…

two NICs on the same LAN segment? therein lies the problem. what exactly are your trying to accomplish? this is for security? what kind of security do you think this is going to provide?

Two networks cars on the same subnet will cause issues, This is a redhat issue with b=networing, basicly all trafic is seen as coming from the first interface.

TBH having 2 inferfaces on the same segment is pointless and will just cause you issues, If you want 2 IP adrreesses just at an alias on the first eth


As mentioned above, having two physical interfaces on the same subnet is going to cause problems for you. If, what you want, is two adresses on the same subnet that point to the same machine, you can do one of the following, depending on your flavor of Unix/Linux. Assuming that eth0 has an address of

ifconfig eth0 inet netmask gateway 192.168.1. alias


ifconfig eth0:1 inet netmask gateway 192.168.1.

I don’t want the two cards to have the same addresses but was using the same ips to test.

Ultimately i want to be have one ip e.g 192.168.1.x, which would point to the internet G/W and one ip which would be on my internet LAN e.g 192.168.15.x

Thank you for all your assistance so far, your advice to get my over this last hurdle would be great… how does anyone else secure their boxes?