IAX2 and Equal-Cost Multipathing problems

Hi There !

I have * (1.2.0) installed on a linux box (kernel compiled with ECMP) with 2 internet connections: eth0 (200.X.X.X) and eth1 (201.X.X.X). Eth1 interface will be dedicated only to VoIP. I did some tests and every packet sent do eth0 is sent back through eth0 (as expected :wink:. Same on eth1 (even UDP packets like DNS queries). Based on that, I assume that ECMP is configured correctly (at least for protocols like SSH/WWW/DNS requests,etc) on both interfaces.

But when anyone using softphones try to authenticate, I can see the packet arriving (using tcpdump) in the correct IP/interface (eth1 in my case), but the authentication doesn´t succeed (no error log on console - running asterisk with -vvvc).

BUT, when I create a static route for their IP
(route add -host IP_SOFTPHONE gw IP_ETH1 dev eth1) everything works fine. :-/
The authentication/calls works as expected.

Any ideas ?