Multiple network cards on asterisk box


I have asterisk 1.2.6 setup with 2 network cards.

Eth 0 - /

Eth 1 - /

At the moment each network is connected to the same network switch.
I have a grandstream phone setup on pointing to the asterisk on but it will not register. It will only register if I point it to
The server is fc3 with no firewall setup for now. I have also enabled IP forwarding.

How would you get asterisk to listen to eth0 as it seems like its only listening on eth1 at the moment. ?

For now IP phones will be on the same network but we hope to split the network into 192.168.10 for computers and 192.168.11 for ip phones when we go ahead with full use in our office.



I have just found the bind address in sip.conf and after correcting this it all works great.