Seamless Agent Pausing

I am trying to figure out a way to allow agents to pause from their multiple queues (all at once) more seamlessly when they are in an environment of back to back calls. Ideally they would avoid having to do anything that would interrupt the call they were presently taking.

I had this idea that maybe I could program one of their soft buttons with a URL that fires the pause command for the agent via ARI CLI or something of the like. The agent could push the soft button, their status would be changed to paused. Then when the current call was over, they would essentially be paused from queue (no additional queue calls until they unpause).

Anyone have any experience doing something like that, or any ideas on what the approach should be?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Does the wrapuptime option doesn’t work for your case ?

check this site : “

If no queuename is given, the interface is paused in every queue it is a member of.

I don’t have any experience of ARI. but i thought that ARI support like the upper.

They receive too many calls to for it to be acceptable to introduce wrap-up time between each call (5 seconds of wrap would add over 13 hours of staff downtime to absorb).

Thanks! I had come to a similar conclusion, but also have no ARI experience. I wanted to see if someone had done it before I invest the time of beginning the process of learning how.

ARI is for building a queue application, it’s not for controlling the existing app_queue application so it doesn’t really have such functionality itself.

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