Hello all. Anybody around that is utilizing the PauseQueueMember and UnpauseQueueMember applications? Or even the AddQueueMember and RemoveQueueMember applications? I’m trying to set these applications up to function in relation to the agent number, rather than the extension the agent is at. I’m not having much luck. Anybody have any pointers or suggestions on how to get these applications working based on the agent id instead of the interface (which is basically the phone extension they are at)?

Does it seem silly to anyone else that AgentCallbackLogin and AgentLogin work relative to an Agent ID, but PauseQueueMamber works relative to the interface? Makes things difficult to manage. I mean, PauseQueueMember actually pauses the Agent on a single or all Queues, so there must be a way to pass it the Agent ID rather than the extension. Perhaps Pause/UnpauseQueueMember needs an overhaul or perhaps we need a PauseAgent and UnpauseAgent…

What I’d like is possibly to have an extension dialed by an agent that is logged in, and the result of dialing that extension is that the status of the dialing agent is set to Pause or Unpause as a result of their agent id. And more specifically, I want an agents extension to always be the same so that they may always be reached directly by dialing their assigned extension, and they may always be reached by the queues they are logged into. Also, I would like to keep it simple and not have every agent dial a different extension to pause and unpause them. Something similar to how agentcalllogin or agentcallbacklogin work…

Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!

Ben F