Automatically pause agent and unpause them after specific time

I am looking to do something very similar to wrap up time. However wrap up time does not pause the agent. Is there any way to trigger an agent pause for let’s say 60 seconds after they are finished with a call from a queue? The reason I need this is to be able to create a realtime wall board of agent’s availability and currently I can’t seem to figure out a nice way of determining if an agent can receive a call or not because wrap up time doesn’t toggle anything I can see inside of AMI, or ARI.

Could you just monitor the member’s status and when the call was hung up pause them, set a timer to the value you need, and then unpause them when it expires?

Seems like you could do this using a combination of the QueueMemberStatus event, and QueueMemberRingInUse action.

That is what I was thinking too. I just have to figure out how to implement it. I was thinking about using websockets to listen for the channel event on ARI and then trigger an http request to the server that will call the AMI to pause the agent for a fixed time.

Were you able to pause and unpause? I am trying QueuePause but no matter what I enter it cannot find the interface.

in my case, when queue member hang up the inbound call after answering,
I pause queue member with reason code using an AMI.

I finally figured it out. interface looked like this “Local/4150@from-queue/n”. Not sure where the “/n” came from.

/n means no optimise. By default local channels try and collapse themselves out of existence once the call is connected, /n stops this happening.