Running Asterix with Cisco and Linksys

Hi there,

Here is the deal and I really need help so sorry for strange questions.

I have a CISCO IP Phone 7970 and a Linksys SPA942. I currently use as VOIP provider. Harware Powerbook Mac Intel and G4 Mac Book.

I can’t use me CISCO Phone since it does only hook up to Callcentric via PBX and Asterix. So Asterix since I have a Mac. Right?

No the stupid question. Do I need have my G4 running on OSX to build a server? I don#t have no clue how to do all that. Since I am working in Sales of IT and only have basic knowledge on programming a server. But I get it done if I have someone that could give me a great manual or help based on the Hardware setup I have. If suggestions on other Hardware please feel free, what would be better to run both Phones. I can also swich provider or so. I just what this beautiful CISCO Phone to work within my Home.