A hint for a Mac user please

I use VOIP with a SIP protocoll and I use a ADB(?) Vood box so I can use my regular phones.

I have a Powerbook G4 Alu. SO now to the question:

How hard is it for a non programing guy to make Asterisk to work on an Mac? Is there much docs. or even better some GUIS / interfaces that I can use to configure.

And also I have to be able to use the Apple internal modem maybe if it is possible so I have some where to plug in the phone?

Can some body give me a small hint what I need and if it’s possible?

Thanks :smile:


How hard is it for a non programing guy to make Asterisk to work on an Mac? [/quote]

Yep. Give up and find something more productive to do, unless you want to hose your OS and install AAH as the only thing on that machine. Or install WMware player (if it exists for MACS) and then look to run something like trixbox on it which might get you somewhere…

i run Asterisk 1.2 on a Mac G3 … but it is running Yellow Dog Linux as the OS. i’ve not seen (or looked for) a MacOS port, what OS are you running ?

as for the apple modem, forget it. it’s probably not an FXS or FXO interface, so is useless as far as Asterisk goes.

There is a Mac-Asterisk with a few GUI options, check out Astmasters.net and sunrise-tel.com.

They were working on a Zaptel driver for the builtin modem, but dropped it for Unicall… after that i’ve not heard any more on the subject.

I haven’t used the Mac OSX based asterisk at all, like baconbuttie i’m running it on YDL.

edit: I also run Trixbox under Parallels (x86 virtualizer) on my MacBook Pro. Works OK, except no real hardware support.

Well well. No asterisk for me yet then. And Mac OS X guys and Asterisk experts, it’s time to make some magics now :open_mouth: