Routing Voip call to mgetty

I’m trying to connect a Dreamcast game console to my PC’s modem using its modem (just a null connection). But, there’re some DC’s modem models who doesn’t work if there isn’t a line tone. I wanna know if there’s someway to Asterisk to route a incoming ppp connection to a mgetty process on the same machine Asterisk is running. I’ll try to draw it:

Dreamcast – rj11 line --> ATA --> PC running Asterisk and mgetty

The ATA gives me the line tone and power I need, so If Asterisk someway routes the incoming ppp call to mgetty, I could then establish a connection (mgetty usually listen on a serial port waiting for a connection).

Ok, sounds crazy, but who knows? Can someone help me?

would the iaxmodem project work?

The IAX docs says it works with mgetty, then maybe yes! I’ll try it, thank you!

[quote=“gtcleaves”]would the iaxmodem project work?

Not that I am questioning, or think this is a bad idea, just curious (killed the cat huh?). Why? :smile:

why not? :smiley:

(maybe he is running linux on his dreamcast… too bad the DC ethernet adapters were never made in any real quantity…)