Virtual Modem Software?

Does any one know of a bit of Windows software that would connect to a SIP server (in this case, Asterisk), and emulate an analog modem on the client machine? Free or not, I don’t care.

EDIT: The reason I’m asking is that my order management software allows us to click to dial customers if we have a modem attached that will work with Windows Dialer.

Why not just use a modem and an ATA?

The ATA can emulate a local phone line and is not so expensive and modems are pretty cheap these days.

You only want the fax to be IP based for as short a time as possible.

A possibly more complex option would be to use IAXmodem on the Asterisk server and link it via serial cable from your PC. I haven’t tried it but it might be possible - it comes up as /dev/ttyIAX on whatever linux box you have and then talks IAX to Asterisk. Its on

Iaxmodem seems to work okay for me but I use it with hylafax on my local asterisk server

Good luck cheers duncan

This isn’t for faxing, it would be for voice calls.

Why not use asttapi this works well with outlook dial


I already said why in my first post, this is to be used with my order management software, not Outlook.

Please don’t suggest alternatives and things you think I should do instead. I’m only interested in software that connects to a SIP or IAX server and emulates a modem on the local machine. If you don’t know of any, you don’t need to post.

You obviouly dont know how Windows Dialer works or how Tapi works then do you or its some realy cludgy software
Asttapi is a tapi driver. But thats of little interest to you, I mentioned outlook as that uses the underlying dialer code to dial out same as ACT does.

But hey you dont care, the fact that it will work with windows dialer is of no interest either.

Normally I would have posted the links on how to set it up…

You have no idea what level of experience I have. As it turns out, I’m a pretty smart guy and I know exactly what I need for the situation I’m in. I don’t need your smart-ass comments. I do need a piece of software that connects to a SIP or IAX server and emulates a serial modem, nothing more, nothing less, and most certainly nothing different. I wouldn’t have asked for it if I didn’t need it. You’re obviously an idiot yourself as you couldn’t follow the simple directions of:

TO MODS: Please lock or delete this thread. The users who have posted are completely ignoring what I’m asking for and are of no help whatsoever. I no longer need this thread.