Recommended Approach to Home Solution, and DID

Hi all, i have come across numerous discussions of user who reveal different ways to get your Asterisk to work for a home phone solution. I wonder which is recommended.

I see that there are PCI cards that you can buy to send a telephone signal out, but they are all more expensive than i can spare at the moment. I’ve also seen users mention that they use something called SPA9000 or something like that, which is essentially a converter box, and i’m having trouble finding the one that they mentioned was about 100$USD. I have also looked for CORDLESS SIP phones; but cannot find one for less than 150$USD.

I’m really not too picky about how i do this, so long as i have cordless phones in the house, and it doesn’t take too much money.

Also, i have found a couple of places that offer DIDs for INCOMING calls, at a flat monthly fee, but i cannot locate a DID for OUTGOING calls that is also at a flat monthly fee. So if someone could point me in the right direction, i’d be grateful.


You just have to post your question once :smile:

As for a ‘converter box’, I suppose you are referring to an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) which would allow you to plug in an ‘ordinary’ phone and connect to Asterisk with SIP. This is the probably the cheapest way of connecting if you want a real phone, as opposed to a soft phone. You will not though have all the bells and whistles you would get with a SIP phone (or even an IAX phone, but they are few and far between.)

There are cordless SIP phones available, in the US I use SNOM cordless phones, and in Europe Siemens Gigaset C470 IP, but I don’t think they’re available in the US. You can find SIP phones and ATAs on Amazon, as well as VIOP Supply

As for a SIP termination providers, I assume you are in the US, where there are many. I use two, Viatalk and Broadvoice. Both offer flat rates.


DID stands for “direct inward dialing” and is a service that provides a phone number. Calls dialed to that number are routed according to the configuration set up by the purchaser of a particular DID – on this forum, probably the SIP URI of your Asterisk server.

DID for outgoing calls does not make sense. What you want is SIP termination service. Your Asterisk server is originating a call; you need a carrier who will terminate that call into the public switched network. Search for SIP termination. You can buy from lots of different providers. Most price their service by time used. A few offer flat-rate service.

There are also some carriers who offer a package consisting of both a DID and termination service. (Check out Broadvoice.COM, for one example). You’ll find offerings like this if you search for VOIP BYOD (bring your own device).

Thanks both, i will look into them. And my question should not be posted twice, as i delete the original because it was in the wrong forum. I did know the difference between DID and DOD; but i did not know that DOD was actually called Termination. This whole time i’ve been wondering what termination and origination meant. Also, one of you said that there were few who offered flat monthly Termination fees, but only offered one; is there any chance you would happen to remember the rest, just in case?


Hello again,

As I said, I use Viatalk and Broadvoice, but there are many others. Take a look here: Check out each provider carefully though before making a decision. In particular if you want to use it with Asterisk, the provider needs to offer SIP accounts and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device - some providers send you an ATA that is locked to their servers.)


Ah, thanx again. I took a look at one of the websites that you guys gave me, and i do believe that i will be using them. I think it was Broadvoice, or whichever one had the BYOD.


For what it’s worth, between Viatalk and Broadvoice, I am happier with Viatalk. The service seems more reliable and their support is much better. You can opt out of receiving their ATA and they provide some Asterisk support. Still, I don’t want to influence you! :smile:


But do they do unlimited flat rate monthly fee for Termination like Broadvoice does? They certainly seem like a bigger company than Broadvoice, which suggests dependability, but i haven’t had the chance to research their services yet.


I just took a closer look, briefly, and it appears that they do have something like what i need. I will look more thoroughly later.