Route incoming DID from Asterisk to CUCM


I want to route incoming DID from Asterisk to CUCM.
On Asterisk I have 100Did’s, two of them need to be routed to CUCM.
SIP trunk btw asterisk and cucm is UP.

On asterisk inound route for DID 5101586 I have set destination (SIP trunk to CUCM).
How can I configure additonal?
Please advice.


“Inbound route” is almost certainly a FreePBX term. I think DID is also a FreePBX term, as used here. Peer support for FreePBX is provided at

In general terms, you use however you identify a call a belonging to a particular “DID”, maybe reading and parsing the To header, to direct the call to an extension. That extension then dials CUCM, presumably using PJSIP, passing dialed digits appropriate to your application.

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