Inbound calls routing

Hello everyone,
I’m new in the community and also i just start to use asterisk.
I need your help please.
Sorry for my english, it is not my first language :grin:.

Here is the problem i’m trying to solve.
I have a number from a sip provider and i’ve made a connection between their sip server (which is ip-based authentication) and my asterisk server, using pjsip trunk.
I ve also created extensions, inbound and outbound routes, through freepbx for incoming and outgoing calls.
I’m using a softphone to make and receive calls, and everything is ok.
What i want to do now, is to route calls to another pbx on a website.
I succeed to connect my asterisk and that pbx by psjip trunk, and i’ve set the context of that trunk on “from-internal”. I’m able to make calls from the website. But i still can’t receive and pick calls on that website.

Is there anyone who have faced and solved such issue, or anyone that could help ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Since you are using FreePBX, you would be much better asking for assistance at because they know how their software works;
Asterisk is just a single component of it.


Hello Pooh, Thanks a lot for your help. Unfortinately, i did not succeed to register using the link you provide

“did not succeed” is not very clear.

What exactly was the problem you encountered when you tried to register with
the FreePBX support community?


It shows “crowd_registration”, i have no idea of what it could mean to… many attempts, still the same message displayed

There’s some contact info for FreePBX here: Contact | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

I suppose there’s one of the suggestions that are able to fix the problem registering with their forum, this is not the first time I hear people having that problem. However, for things involving freepbx, even though FreePBX is a UI laid on top of Asterisk, few here can/will help out, as most people here are working directly with Asterisk, using either nothing on top, or using their own UI’s.

Hello Chano, Thanks a lot for your help.

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