Asterisk Dial Plan

Hi Team,
We have Cisco Unified Communications Manager ‘‘CUCM’’ we are having a sip trunk connection to
Asterisk in which we build on AWS. We have two separate carriers connected to Asterisk.

The issue is all calls are going via the first carrier not the second carrier. I am trying to find a way to specify Which DID range goes from first carrier, and which DID range should go via second Carrier.

Keep in mind that all phones are registered in CUCM, when calls go via a deferent carrier, they get rejected or we have caller ID issues. therefore, I would like to know if there are any ways to make calls to go via correct carrier.

Currently calls go out from which ever outbound rule that is listed on the top so all calls go via that carrier.

Thank you

DIDs are only meaningful for inbound calls, so I don’t understand the reference to DIDs.

Where did the rule come from. You seem to be asking the individuals here (there is no organised team) to debug your dialplan without actually providing it. Did you mean FreePBX outgoing route, in which case this is the wrong forum.

Thanks David,

we purchased about 50 numbers from carrier A and 100 numbers from carriers B, phones are registered in Cisco PBX / CUCM. we send calls to Asterisk and from Asterisk we have 2 sip trunks going to Carrier A and Carrier B. currently all 150 numbers are exiting from Carrier A since Carrier A is on the top in the outbound rules. I want be able to send 50 numbers from Carrier A and 100 numbers from carrier B. our dial peer os X. and whichever outbound rule is on the top it will use that carrier for now

An outbound rule is not a concept known to Asterisk. You probably need to provide your current dialplan so we can understand what you mean by it.

However, making a guess, does this help?

Sorry David I kept saying outbound rule but I meant outbound route.

here is how our dial plan look like. phones are registered in CUCM — we send E164 format to Astrist via a sip trunk we have one single dial pattern of x. in Astrisk with multiple outbound routes. we have two carriers and when we make outbound calls it all goes via one carrier. it uses the first available outbound route in the list. that is the issue that I am trying to resolve. I want to be able to send the calls to proper carriers using boutbound routes in Asterisk.

Outbound routes are FreePBX constructs and not something that Asterisk understands at a high level. If that is what you mean, you need the FreePBX forum.

FreePBX allows you to match routes on caller ID as well as destination.


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