Ringback tone after MOH, before queue member bridged

Hai ,

         When the call is in the asterisk queue , i am able to play music files. But i want ring back to caller before agent answer the call . I am not able to do this in asterisk 1.4 . Is there any to  do this . 

Examples :
When the call is in the queue :
I am able to play music files .
When the call goes to agent :
I am not able to provide ring back to caller .
. Is it possible to provide ring back in asterisk 1.4

Thanks .

“r” worked for us when we were using 1.4.

Thanks for the reply. ‘r’ works fine . But while using ‘r’ in the Queue , not able to play the music files . I need both music & ring back .
music to inform the caller the call is in the queue .
ring back to inform the caller , the agent going to attend the call .

I think you meant want rather than need.

This isn’t supported in 1.4, or 1.6, both no longer supported versions. I doubt it is supported in 1.8, the only preferred version for new installations, at the moment.

You could probably fake it using local channels, but you would need to be certain that the agent would answer, and you would lose accurate queue statistics, and the ability to react to agent state changes outside of the queuing system. I.E. have a local channel that answers the call, then dials the agent with ringback tone.

Note, that, if you are using agents in the narrow Asterisk sense, you should already be using a local channel, as AgentCallbackLogin is deprecated in that version, and AgentLogin wouldn’t normally have any delay between offering the call to the agent and their answering.

According to the newest information, it’s no longer supported. especially the reason of want than of need, like david55 explained. So ringback tones in asterisk 1.4 won’t be able anymore I guess.