Ring before Agent Attend call

i’ve noticed many times that there are IVRs that play a ring tone just before connect me to an agent. My asterisk does not behave like this but i’ve always wanted to.
When I see Queue options in doc
r — ring instead of playing MOH.
R — stops moh and rings once an agent is ringing (Asterisk Trunk)

(in queue’s optinal parameters).

Could someone please explain this line to me? I’ve set this option.
It’s not working, either i’m using the r option, which disables MOH and just rings, or i’m using R which gives me MOH but no ringing.
Simply I want a ring after Music on Hold when call connect queue member (agent).
Please Help me out


Option R is working beyond asterisk 1.8 :laughing:

| should be , for 1.6 onwards.