Ring Extension whilst Script is playing

Hello Everybody,

As it stands my dial plan answers a call, then plays an audio script about call recording, then the extension rings.

Is it possible to have the extension ring whilst the script is being played back, then connects to call?


Music on hold?

You can sue the m flag in the Dial application.

  • m ( class ) - Provide holds music to the calling party until a requested channel answers. Specific music on hold class (as defined in musiconhold.conf) can be specified.
    • class

In the Asterisk documentation, you can find all the flags you can use:

if you plan to play a sound before answering the call that is early media, in any case there are many options to achieve what you want to achieve

take a look to the option on the dial command.

  • A ( x:y ) - Play an announcement to the called and/or calling parties, where x is the prompt to be played to the called party and y is the prompt to be played to the caller. The files may be different and will be played to each party simultaneously.
    • x - The file to play to the called party
    • y - The file to play to the calling party

Thank you!!, Not sure how I missed that one.


Thanks, the MOH option (m) cuts the script early - not ideal for the legal requirements of call recording advice.

Couldn’t you answer the call and play your message, while at the same time initiate another call to the actual destination, then bridge the two when they answer?

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