[Feature Request]: for Dial Application

I have searched for a way to specify an audio file (or files) as ringback audio to a caller while the Dial application is ringing its specified Technology/Resource without having to set up multiple MusicOnHold classes.

I would like to be able to specify, as an option passed to the Dial application, which file(s) to play back and then be able to define what happens after the audio in the specified file ends if the call has not yet been answered. For my application I would prefer to play regular ringback as defined in indications.conf after the audio file has completed until the call is answered.

I understand that multiple Queues could be set up to do this, or multiple music on hold classes, but those solutions do not scale well for the application I am building.

In my search for this functionality I have come across several others posting to the web asking for this. I believe the request to be valid although I do not have any idea about the time and effort it would take to develop such a feature.

Hopefully this is the correct place to list this request. If this is not the best place could somebody point me in the right direction?