Play audio while dialing

Dear Community.

I know that Dial() app has an option to play announce once the Called party answer the call (option A) or play music on hold while is dialing until the called party answer (option m) but what I really want is to play audio to the Caller party while is dialing to the called party.

My scenario is that while dialing to the called party always there is like 11seconds without sounds, (no ring sounds) so, I want to play an 11s audio and once is finish the audio let the rest happend wish should hear the real ring coming from the trunk. is this possible in asterisk? follow me?

If you have any question please let me know.

Thank You for your support and help since now.

Have you tried the ‘R’ option to your dial command?

It should play ringing until early media or an answer happens.

What I read R generate Ring always from the beginning but the thing is I just only do an Play audio and them let the trunk keep the 183 Signaling. I not sure if this is possible.

Thank You,