Text till answering

i’m looking for a extension that plays a text 'please stay in the line, you’ll be connected immediately" while the phone is already ringing. i’ve already tried the ‘m’-option added at the end of a dial-extension but that is not what i’m looking for. problem with the m-option is that the sound is started for the first caller and when a second caller calls, he hears the sound that is played to the first caller, just somewhere in the middle of the track(even when the first one has already hung up). the second caller only hears the file from the beginning when the moh-session started by the first caller has finished. since this is not what i want i’m looking for something else instead of moh/m. any suggestions? thank you!

have you tried just playing a background voice before you actuall dial the extension first. asterisk addon sounds comes with bunch of prerecorded sound files that pretty much have what your looking for.

exten x,1,Answer()
exten x,n,Background(soundfile)
exten x,n,Dial(SIP/XXX,30,r)
exten x,n,Hangup

nah, this would play the soundfile and dial when its finished. only beeing stoppable by caller intervention(like in a menu-structure), the called party unfortunately can not stop playback by picking up the phone(at least i haven’t figured out how)