Cisco 7940 SIP and Asterisk

I upgraded to Asterisk yesterday. Up until then, my Cisco 7940 and Asterisk had no issues (running SIP). Now the phone is not registering (I don’t even see an attempt for the phone to try to register to asterisk) and I get the little “x” next to the phone icon. I rechecked all the passwords, tested the ports (asterisk and phone are on same subnet), reviewed the configurations and all the typical things that could trip it up.

Factory Reset the phone to ensure that it was on the latest config. Lastly, tested the same extensions work with a softphone and my WIP310 to no avail. The SIP Configuration menu shows everything is entered correctly and the phone is on P0S3-8-12-00 (latest I could find). I can also telnet to the phone, but don’t know enough to do anything when I get there.

Also using FreePBX 2.9.0rc1.5 if that matters, but I did the update to FreePBX and everything was working prior to the Asterisk upgrade.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve been Googling for the past day with no success, let me know what I can post to help debug the issue.

Main line support on 1.6.x ceased last weekend! Why did you upgrade to an obsolete version.

If you can see no attempts, I would assume you have broken a firewall configuration.

GAH! I didn’t know that support had ended, looks like an upgrade to 1.8 is happening this weekend.

As for the rest of it, there is no firewall between them. I turned off the firewall on the Asterisk box for that very reason.

Apparently, you need this in your SIPDefault.cnf:

I had it set to “0” which is the default, but something must have started to not like that anymore.

Thanks for your help. I will still be updating to 1.8 this weekend.