[RESOLVED] Transfer prompt times-out after only 3 seconds

User-A places a call to User-B and User-B answers.

User-A presses “#” to transfer the call.

Asterisk disconnects the audio between User-A and User-B, plays the prompt “Transfer” for User-A, and plays dialtone for User-A.

If User-A is unable to enter the transfer destination in less than 3 seconds, Asterisk plays “I am sorry. That is not a valid extension. Please try again.”, then re-connects the audio between User-A and User-B.

There must be someway to lengthen the amount of time Asterisk waits before timing out. Does anybody know where to set this value?

take a look at /etc/asterisk/features.conf … look for transferdigittimeout => 3

That’s what I was looking for. It worked.

Thank you!