Setting attended transfer timeout and play tone if over

I searched the forum but did not find an answer.

I have set up my system so that i can transfer calls to other phones, if the party i want to transfer the call to does not pick up, i get thrown back to the original caller after a certain amount of time.

Thats ok, but i want two things:

  • change the time i have to wait, till the transfer-attempt is cancelled, i think it is about 10seconds now

  • if the time is over i want to here a sound so hat i know i will be speaking to the original caller again.

And a neat feature would be, if i could manually switch back to the caller by pressing the transfer-key again, but that does not seam to work, or does it?

John Bieling

there doesn’t appear to be an option to set the timeout for a transfer. i would have expected to find it in features.conf along with the other transfer timeout options.

re your second option, do you have a disconnect feature setup in features.conf ? i have [featuremap] disconnect => *0 ; disconnect/flash to pull back a failed transfer in mine, but can’t recall the last time i used it. i’m pretty sure it does the job though.