[Resolved] Second Dialtone?

I’m running Asterisk with a single X100P and a standard pots line.

I have only default configuration files at this time, but my goal (in testing) is to have the X100P answer an incoming call, then forward it on to a Cisco CallManager.

I set up a single SIP softphone and I can call to the Cisco gateway, so there is no problem there.

The X100P will answer the incoming call, but after it does, the caller is immediately presented with another dialtone, after which the dialplan continues in the background (in this case, the Asterisk Demo). The dialtone changes to a busy-out tone, and then disconnects, but the configured destination of the call continues.

Why am I getting this second dialtone? And how can I stop it? I would post configs, but they are just very slightly altered from the samples. I will post my alterations if necessary.

No sooner than I posted this problem did I discover a wiring problem on the phone line.

Marking as [Resolved].