x100p disabling ring through?

Hi, I’ve googled over and over but to no avail. I have a pretty basic setup - an asterisk machine with one x100p (1 line FXS/FXO) card. Asterisk is up and running, the card works, etc.

I have just one phone and it is a dual DECT/SIP phone (Siemens C450IP). Perhaps naively I thought that I could use it for both analog and voip calls in the way that the POTS part of the phone is connected to the “phone” jack on the card like a pass-through analog phone, the VoIP part is configured to connect to asterisk, and the “line” jack on the card is connected to the POTS line. The idea is, or was, to use asterisk as an advanced programmable answering machine, and the POTS part of the phone is there for backup in case the server is down.

The problem arises on incoming calls - apparently the card does a ring pass-through to the analog phone, so I basically get the same phone ringing first with an incoming POTS call, then asterisk picks it up and calls the extension on the same physical handset, but this time it gets an incoming VoIP call. Either way, I get one missed call listed on the handset.

I’ve searched high and low but have not found a way to control this ring through functionality, unless I’ve overlooked something obvious. I expected the card only to receive calls and forward them to asterisk, and to do a pass-through connection only in case of power failure.

Incidentally, the card is a motorola wildcard clone - my motherboard was apparently incompatible with the authentic x100p due to pci problems, but luckily the clone works.

The question is, then - is ring-through configurable, and if it is, how?


AFAIK No its not, all it is is a paralel wired socket


Thanks, I was afraid of that - so far my experience has been with ADSL integrated access devices (ADSL modems with VoIP support and POTS passthrough). They typically don’t pass through phone voltages to the POTS port and route it to VoIP unless the whole device is dead, and then the POTS port is the failsafe backup telephone.