X100P card has bad line hiss


My Asterisk answering machine works, and I can make outgoing calls from SIP. However, the line noise suçks. First it was hiss and digital-sounding noise. I put a DSL filter on it, and now it’s just a really loud hiss. The server is on a home PSTN line with many other POTS phones. When I make a call on a regular phone, there is minimal noise, but when Asterisk picks up, the white noise becomes very loud even while listening on a plain phone on the line.

I am using an X100P clone card. What do I need to do to eliminate the hiss?


that’s easy. a better card. :laughing:

if you don’t want to stump up for a TDM400 or Sangoma A200, there seem to be various “levels” of clone. sounds like you may have a nasty one.