Require to implement G729 Codec

Dear All ,

I have installed Asterick (trixbox 2.6), with Quintum Aft-800 FXO gatway,we are on Wireless Network and on Server is giving its services on three for Bandwidth issu i want to use G.729 Codc.Please tell me Where to get opensource version of G.729 for Trixbox
and where to find its installation gudie. i will be thanks for all .

waiting for reply.

You cannot get an open source version because it is a patented algorithm.

There should be some way ??? to implement GSM codec???please help me…if some one can

G.729 is not GSM.

On Google search i found … 29-g723.1/

This is for Asterisk what you will said about it???

Note this restriction on that page: [quote]Please note that this code is available for you to download for education purposes only.[/quote] This is followed by a note on patent restrictions.

Patent restrictions are more complex as many countries do not recognize patents on software, although the USA does and heavily promotes other countries to introduce legislsation to the same effect.

Great Thanks… just i want to use it for testing purpose…

Note that the Open Source Definition doesn’t permit restrictions on fields of endeavour, so that code isn’t actually open source by that definition. The GPL doesn’t permit an educational use only restriction, so the licensing is unsound. Its use is also not permitted on software covered by patents, except if explicit steps are taken to exclude countries where the patents apply.

Here is Marks line on this issue

[quote]Regardless of whether or not you have licensed G.729 from SIPRO
independently of Digium, the distribution of the codec, linked against
Intel’s proprietary IPP library, is clearly and totally in direct
violation of the terms of the GPL. There is no room for argument on this

We are doing our best to mitigate the situation by removing the link to
the illegal software from the list, and I ask that no more members on the
list post any URL’s to illegal software.

Setting aside the extreme tackiness of using our own mailing list to post
illegal software, I am nothing short of appalled to see an Asterisk user
taking advantage of our hard work and then producing a product to
circumvent the very revenue stream which makes it possible for us to do so
and to offer the LEGAL licensing of G.729 to the community.

Digium has worked hard to produce Free Software for building a phone
system and we have released EVERYTHING we’ve done under GPL or other open
source license, with the exception of the items we are not permitted to
make available under that license. For G.729 specificially we have had
to make a large investment to make that possible. The GPL DOES provide
certain requirements for anyone distributing Asterisk code or derivative
works, however and this unlicensed version is clearly in violation of
those obligations.

Why on earth would we try make the even larger investment for legal
G.723.1 if people are just going to break the law and violate the GPL in
order to save a few bucks?

If you don’t like G.729 because of the patent and licensing issues, then
don’t use it, but if you do want to use G.729, please use it legally, by
purchasing the Digium licenses, not by breaking the terms of the GPL and
putting yourself at risk of well established patents (especially if you
are in a country which honors software patents, since the GPL passes that
patent responsibility back to you as the end user).

We are happy to make Asterisk available to the community and to continue
to work hard to expand and develop the product further, but it also
demands a certain level of discipline from the users at large. Before you
download the “free”, illegal GPL-violation version of the G.729 codec,
remember that in doing so you are directly jeopardizing the project at
large and our ability to continue to provide these sorts of features.


Read and then think about what hes saying

I will also agree with the licensing agreement of G.729.So further more i will not put it to my asterisk box without license